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Five Easy Steps to Switching Broadband Provider

2 years ago | Jamie Canning

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The process of switching broadband provider may seem like a complicated task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Although it may seem easier to allow your current broadband contract to continue rolling on, there are many benefits to shopping around for a new provider.


Changing to a new provider can often result in faster broadband speeds, particularly if you switch to a provider that offers a full fibre connection. Switching allows you to find a deal which has better value for money and is more suited to your personal broadband needs, which may have changed since you last switched. It can also allow you to select a broadband provider who has strong customer service functions in place to ensure you have the best experience possible. If you have been experiencing slow speeds, high prices, or bad customer service with your current provider, now might be the time to switch.


Here are five easy steps you can take to switch broadband providers:


1. Research different broadband providers and compare their plans and prices to find the one that best suits your needs

Don’t always go for the cheapest provider – make a balanced decision based on internet speed and price to ensure you are getting good value for money. Consider what speed you need for the tasks and activities you rely on the internet for, and be sure to reach out to providers with any questions you may have before making the decision to switch. This will also allow you to evaluate their contactability and helpfulness before making the switch.

(ps. Packages are made to be confusing… that’s why we offer one ultra-fast speed at one affordable price here at Brillband.)


2. Check your current contract for an expiry date

If there are any early cancellation fees, you should take into account the price and benefits of the new contract. Even if you decide to remain with your current contract until it has expired, you still can set up your next broadband subscription now to ensure a seamless transition once your contract ends.


3. Activate your new broadband service

Your new provider will take care of the rest of the switch, including arranging an installation date and providing you with any necessary equipment.


4. Contact your current provider to let them know that you’re leaving

They may ask you for a reason for switching, so be prepared to provide one if you wish to. They may provide you with a code to facilitate the switch, depending on the provider.

You should clearly advise them of your switchover date to ensure you do not lose connection during the switch.


5. Enjoy your new broadband connection!

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