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Full Fibre: The Greener Choice for a Sustainable Digital Future

11 months ago | Duncan Di Biase

The internet has become an essential part of our lives, but it also has a significant environmental impact. Traditional copper-based internet networks are energy-intensive and generate a lot of e-waste. Full Fibre, the cutting-edge internet infrastructure, offers a more sustainable alternative.

Energy Efficiency

Full Fibre uses optical fibers to transmit data, which is much more energy-efficient than copper. This means that Full Fibre networks can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy wastage.

Reduced E-Waste

Full Fibre has a longer lifespan than copper networks, so it needs to be replaced less often. This reduces the amount of e-waste that is generated.

Sustainable Longevity

Full Fibre is also more robust and resistant to environmental factors than copper networks. This means that it can operate efficiently for longer periods of time, reducing the environmental impact of maintenance and material production.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The combination of lower energy consumption, reduced e-waste, and sustainable infrastructure means that Full Fibre networks have a lower carbon footprint than copper networks. This makes Full Fibre the better choice for a greener digital future.

Encouraging Telecommuting and Smart Cities

Full Fibre also enables faster and more reliable internet, which can encourage telecommuting and smart city development. Telecommuting can reduce commuting-related emissions, and smart cities can help to optimise resource management.


Full Fibre is the greener choice for a sustainable digital future. By adopting Full Fibre, we can reduce the environmental impact of the internet and telecommunications industry.

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