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Getting connected

10 months ago | Jamie Canning

This blog post includes everything you need to know about getting connected.

Do I require an installation?
This depends on how your home is currently connected.

If you already have a fibre connection with CityFibre in your home your connection will be remotely set up without an engineer visit. Via CityFibre, we will arrange for your current broadband service to stop at midnight on the connection date and our connection will start shortly after. You wont need to lift a finger but be aware that you may have some time without an internet connection.

If this is your first full fibre connection with CityFibre, we will arrange for one of their engineers to visit you to complete an installation, you will be connected to Brillband on the same day.

On the installation date an engineer working on behalf of CityFibre will arrive to fit their own equipment, they will talk you through the work that they are doing and test that everything is working before they leave.

In some occasions CityFibre will need to delay or cancel your installation, we know this can be an inconvenience so we will contact you as early as possible if this happens.

What work gets done during an installation

Right now there are cables running beneath the pavement in front of your home that allow us to offer our connection to your area. On the day of your installation one of these cables will be brought upto and into your home.

There are many different ways to bring that cable to your home but rest assured the engineers will choose the most suitable route and leave everything as they found it.

A small black box called an ONT (shown below) will be fitted inside your home, this is your new gateway to the internet and where our router will plug into.

What do I need to do?

Not very much! But you should have a think about where you want the router to sit inside your home, you will need 2 power sockets available and the router should be positioned in an open space away from other electronic devices and solid materials.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions you can visit our support page for more information.

For more detailed information about what happens during an installation, follow the link below to watch a short video from CityFibre.