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Landlines are disappearing, why?

11 months ago | Duncan Di Biase

At Brillband we don’t offer Landlines. Why?

How we communicate at home is changing rapidly, and traditional landline telephones are being left behind. In fact, by December 2025 almost no landlines will exist in the UK with BT and Openreach aiming to have switched off traditional landlines by then. Full fibre infrastructure offers a better and more convenient alternative for everyday communication needs. In this article, we’ll explore why you no longer need a landline and how full fibre technology can enhance your home communication experience.

Upgrade Your Communication:

Landline usage is declining as people prefer using mobile phones and internet-based platforms. These options provide flexibility, allowing you to communicate on the go and stay connected wherever you are.

Supercharged Connectivity:

Full fibre infrastructure brings ultra-fast and reliable internet connectivity to your home. It uses advanced technology to transmit data quickly and efficiently, ensuring smooth communication without interruptions or slowdowns.

Say Hello to VoIP:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a game-changer in-home communication. It lets you make calls over the internet using devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. VoIP offers additional features like video calls and instant messaging, making it a versatile and cost-effective choice.

Cut Costs, Not Quality:

By switching to full fibre technology, you can save money on your communication expenses. Landline subscriptions often have extra charges for long-distance or international calls, while VoIP services often offer inclusive or affordable calling plans that cover both local and global calls.

Stay Connected Anywhere:

With full-fibre infrastructure, you’re not tied to a physical phone line. You can use your mobile device or any internet-enabled device to make and receive calls. Whether you’re at home, in the garden, or even on vacation, you can stay connected with your loved ones easily.

Embrace the Environmentally Friendly Option:

Full fibre infrastructure is not only good for your communication needs but also for the environment. It reduces the energy consumption associated with traditional landline networks and promotes energy efficiency, contributing to a greener future.

Prepare for the Future:

Investing in full fibre, future-proofs your home communication. As technology continues to advance, full fibre connectivity enables you to seamlessly integrate new devices and services into your home, such as smart home automation and cutting-edge technologies.

Will anything else be affected, like my telecare?

Below is an excerpt from an article from age UK

“The switch to digital landlines may affect telecare devices and other equipment such as personal alarms and security alarms if they’re connected to your phone line. 

Although your telephone service provider will contact you before the switch takes place, you may want to let them know about any telecare devices that you have in advance. It’s also a good idea to contact the supplier of your telecare device to check that this will work with the new system or whether any equipment will need to be upgraded. 

If you’re buying a new device that’s linked to the phone system, you should also check with the seller or manufacturer that this will be compatible.”

With full fibre infrastructure, landlines are no longer necessary for home communication. By embracing faster internet connectivity, flexible options like VoIP, and saving costs, you can enjoy a better and more convenient communication experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of landlines and welcome the future of home communication with full fibre technology.

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