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Brillband Price Guide

Connection charges
Change of address fee – £0.00
No extra charge for changing your address! Moving home can be expensive, but we’ve got you covered. We won’t charge you anything to move your broadband connection to your new address.

Setup fee – £35.00
Charged at signup, this fee applies to all new connections, regardless of the setup type, covering all the costs involved in delivering broadband to your home.

Broadband charges
900Mbps – £35.00
Enjoy our 900Mbps broadband for just £35.00 per month. The monthly charge starts from the date you first get connected.

Equipment charges
Router fee – £0.00
We provide you with a router free of charge. It’s on loan, so we’ll kindly ask you to return it at the end of your contract or if you cancel your service.

eero Secure features – £0.00
As a Brillband customer, you’ll benefit from eero Secure features at no additional cost. These features provide security for your connection. Please note that additional features from “eero Secure Plus” may have a cost.

Non-returned router fee – £105.00
If you don’t return the router provided at the end of your contract, there will be a non-returned router fee. We kindly request the router back within 30 days of our request.

Incomplete router fee – £5.00
If your router is returned with missing or damaged components, such as cables or packaging, there will be an incomplete router fee. 

Appointment charges
Standard installation fee – £0.00
If your home requires installation, we will cover it free of charge. However, any specific requests like installation more than 20 meters from the fibre entry point or equipment relocation will come at a cost.

Relocation of equipment fee – £165.00
If you need to relocate your equipment after the original installation, a relocation fee will apply. Our engineers will confirm your satisfaction with the location of all equipment before and after the installation.

Missed appointment fee – £81.00
Missed appointment charges may apply when the customer is not present at the agreed appointment time and/or the engineer cannot access the property, even if the customer is present.

Engineer call-out fee – £147.00
In case of a genuine network problem, most of the time, Brillband will cover the engineer call-out fee. However, if the fault is caused by your own equipment or your actions, you may be charged. You may also be charged if no fault is found.

Debt collection charges
Late payment fee – £0.00
We understand that life happens, and bills can’t always be paid on time. That’s why we won’t apply a late payment fee to your account for overdue payments. However, if a payment remains overdue for more than 4 weeks, your internet connection will be restricted until payments are up to date.

Termination fee – unpaid monthly payments + Router non-returned fee
If a payment is overdue for a prolonged period, we will charge all overdue payments along with the cost of a non-returned router. We don’t want this to happen, so please reach out to us if you’re having difficulties paying.

Early contract exit fee – Contracted months remaining x monthly broadband charge
If you request to exit your contract early, there will be an early contract exit fee. This fee is calculated by multiplying the number of months remaining in your contract by the monthly broadband charge.