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UK's Fastest Broadband Provider

3 months ago | Jamie Canning

🎉 Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for some thrilling news! Drum roll, please! 🥁 We are absolutely thrilled to declare that we have clinched the crown as the UK’s Fastest Broadband Provider of 2024 in the highly coveted Broadband Genie Awards!

Picture this: amidst fierce competition, we’ve soared to the top, leaving our rivals in the dust. 🚀 With a breathtaking average download speed of a whopping 523Mb, we’ve set the bar sky-high, outpacing our nearest competitor, Fibrecast, by over 100Mb! 🏆

While others are left trailing behind, scratching their heads, our customers are experiencing the thrill of seamless connectivity and lightning-fast downloads. 💥 Meanwhile, industry heavyweights like TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky, BT, and Vodafone are left in our dust, languishing in the bottom half of the study. It’s crystal clear: when it comes to reliable speeds and cutting-edge service, we are the undisputed champions! 🏅

So, here’s to our incredible customers who’ve propelled us to this exhilarating victory! 🥂 And to all our competitors: better luck next time! Because when it comes to blazing-fast broadband, we’re the ones who set the pace. 🔥🚀

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You can find out more about the awards by visiting Broadband Genie’s website.