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What is an ONT and why is it important?

1 year ago | Duncan Di Biase

What is an ONT, and why is it important?

You’ve probably heard the term “ONT” mentioned by us when it comes to getting Brillband’s Full Fibre. But what exactly is an ONT, and why is it essential for your home?

What is an ONT?

An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is a device that translates the optical signal coming from a fiber optic cable into an electrical signal that can be used by your home’s internet and telecommunications equipment. This allows you to take advantage of the high-speed and high-bandwidth capabilities of fiber optic internet, which is why Brillbandis much faster and more reliable than traditional copper-based internet connections.

How does an ONT work?

Our infrastructure partners fit an ONT. It is the modern-day equivalent to the old Openreach and Virgin wall sockets often fitted to skirting boards. They are connected to a fiber optic cable that connects you to us and the global internet! The ONT essentially acts as a bridge between the fiber optic network and the Amazon eero we provide you.

Why is an ONT important for homeowners?

An ONT is important for homeowners because it allows you to take advantage of the high-speed and high-bandwidth capabilities of fiber optic internet. Without an ONT, your home would simply not be able to connect to a fiber optic network.

How do I get an ONT for my home?

Brillband, through our infrastructure partners, takes care of this. This is why you need an engineer visit to carry out your installation. The engineer brings the fibre up to your property and into your home. They will then fit an ONT and make sure that the fibre connects to the ONT correctly.

Things to remember

  • An ONT is required for your connection.
    The ONT requires a power source and must be switched on for our service to work.
    The green lights on the ONT are essential and help us diagnose issues with the ONT. Don’t cover them up or paint over them!
    Don’t worry ONT’s aren’t big. Here’s one beside an iPhone for context.

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